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The research on the histological structure of Rattus tanezumi hepar infected by Leptospira sp. was conducted. The purpose of this research was to determine the change of hepar tissue structure of R. tanezumi due to the patogenicity of Leptospira sp. bacteria. The research was done in Miroto, Central Semarang District, Semarang Municipality. R. tanezumi were caught and their hepar were taken, then histological preparat were made using paraffin and HE coloring method. The data was collected qualitatively and then analyzed descriptively by describing histological hepar appearance of R. tanezumi which were infected by Leptospira sp. The results of Rattus norvegicus histological hepar examination which were infected by Leptospira sp. were as many as 8 individuals (72,7%). The examination results of histological hepar of Rattus norvegicus infected by Leptospira sp. show that the fat degeneration in part of hepar cell occured in 50%. The fat degeneration in almost all hepar cell occurred in 12.5%, 12.5% infiltration of inflammation cell and fat degeneration occured in part of hepar cell and 25% of the hepar structure were normal.


Telah dilakukan penelitian tentang struktur histologi organ hepar tikus got, Rattus norvegicus infektif Leptospira sp. Tujuan penelitian untuk mengetahui perubahan struktur jaringan hepar R. norvegicus akibat patogenitas bakteri Leptospira sp. Penelitian dilakukan di Kelurahan Miroto, Kecamatan Semarang Tengah, Kotamadya Semarang. R. norvegicus diambil heparnya dan selanjutnya dibuat sediaan histologis dengan metode parafin dan pewarnaan HE (Hematoxylin Eosin). Data yang dikumpulkan bersifat kualitatif dan dianalisis secara deskriptif yaitu mencandra gambaran histologis hepar R. norvegicus yang infektif Leptospira sp. Hasil penangkapan menunjukkan bahwa R. norvegicus yang tertangkap sebanyak 11 ekor, dan 8 ekor infektif Leptospira sp. (72,7%). Hasil pemeriksaan histologis hepar R. norvegicus yang infektif Leptospira sp. menunjukkan 50% terjadi degenerasi melemak pada sebagian sel hepar, 12,25% degenerasi melemak hampir pada keseluruhan sel hati, 12,25% degenerasi melemak yang disertai dengan infiltrasi sel radang, dan 25% struktur histologi heparnya normal.


Hepar, Leptospira sp., Rattus norvegicus, Histology

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