Dear Researchers and Technicians Field and Reservoir Disease Vectors

Vektora Journal of Vector and Disease Reservoir accredited LIPI 583 / Akred / P2MI-LIPI / 09/2014 dated October 7, 2014. Authors can submit article form of a research / studies / review article to be published in the Journal Vektora Vol 10 No 1 and No 2 (in June and October 2018).

Articles be sent to the Editor:
In softcopy via e-mail editor in and Accompanied hardcopy as many as 3 copies sent to the Editor of the Journal Vektora Secretariat, Room Kasubbid. Kerjasama dan Jaringan Informasi B2P2VRP (cq. Diana). Softfile terms of writing articles and templates Vektora Journal article can be downloaded on this website.
The referral system refers to the Harvard style rules, to facilitate application of the referral system we suggest to the author using the application Mendeley.

Thank you for your attention.


Editor in Chief


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