Kerentanan Nyamuk Anopheles sundaicus terhadap Insektisida Cypermethrin di Kabupaten Ciamis Provinsi Jawa Barat

Lukman Hakim

Kerentanan Nyamuk Anopheles sundaicus terhadap Insektisida Cypermethrin di Kabupaten Ciamis Provinsi Jawa Barat


At the vector populutions are high and malaria transmission is ongoing. lt is necessary to control the vector that can show quick results with insecticide spraying. To determine the level of malaria vector mosquito susceptibility to insecticides, it has been carried out the test of susceptibility the  Anopheles sundaicus mosquitoes against insecticides cypermethrin in the district of Ciamis. Mosquito susceptibility testing were conducted using WHO susceptibility test kit with four repetitions performed simultaneously, while the insecticides used is the impragnated paper with a dose of 0.05%. The mosquitoes were captured from at Babakan village of Pangandaran district Ciamis, then maintained at insektarium of Loka Litbang P2B2 Ciamis untill adult stages, further breeding sites tested the level of susceptibility. The test was resulted, the death rate of mosquitoes test after correction with Abbottt formula which shows the mosquitoes had been tolerant to insecticides cypermenthrin. In order to effictively kill the malaria vector, the dosage should be increased from the recommended dose (0.20 gram/m2) up to 0.211gram/m2. The 7% increase in dose is intended that thenumber of mosquitoes An. sundaicus of dead could reach 95% or more. lt was concluded,mosquito Anopheles sundaicus in Ciamis regency of West Java, was tolerant to insecticides Cypermenthrin.


susceptibility of malaria vector, cypermethrin insecticide, Anopheles sundaicus, WHO susceptibility test, tolerant


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