Optimasi Teknik Isolasi DNA dan RAPD – PCR pada Keong Oncomelania Hupensis Lindoensis sebagai Hospes Perantara Schistosomiasis di Sulawesi Tengah

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Optimasi Teknik Isolasi DNA dan RAPD – PCR pada Keong Oncomelania Hupensis Lindoensis sebagai Hospes Perantara Schistosomiasis di Sulawesi Tengah


In Indonesia schistosomiasis is caused by Schistosoma japonicum with O.h.lindoensis snails as an intermediate host. For that we need to do research on the level of DNA polymorphism O.h.lindoensis snails. One method used is the technique of Random Amplified Polymerase ChainReaction (RAPD-PCR). Thereforewe need a proper method of DNA extraction aswell as in determining theoptimumreaction conditions forRAPD-PCR. This study aimed to be obtained of O.h.lindoensis DNA from in the highlands of Central Sulawesi in Bada, Napu and Lindu and to optimize condition of PCR-RAPD. To be obtained O.h.lindoensis DNA using with protocols or operating procedures PureLink Genomic DNA Mini Kits TM. The extraction of DNA yieled good quality of DNA. While amplification of DNA using PCR-RAPD will become efficient and consistent if the amplification reactions are in ideal condition. In O.h.lindoensis, clear PCR-RAPD patterns were obtained using 10ngDNAtemplate, 25 pmol primer and thenumberof thermal cycle was 40 x.


DNA; O.h.lindoensis; RAPD-PCR


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