Prevalensi Schistosomiasis Di Tiga Desa Di Kecamatan Lore Barat, Kabupaten Poso, Propinsi Sulawesi Tengah

Gunawan Gunawan, Rosmini Rosmini, Jastal Jastal

Prevalensi Schistosomiasis Di Tiga Desa Di Kecamatan Lore Barat, Kabupaten Poso, Propinsi Sulawesi Tengah


Schistosomiasis is a parasitic zoonotic disease,  In Indonesia schistosomiasis caused bySchistosoma japonicum and was only found in the three endemic areas in the highlands of Central Sulawesi in Lindu valley, Napu and Bada with the snail O.h.lindoensis as intermediate host. The aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of schistosomiasis in residents in the village Kageroa, Lelio, and Tomehipi Lore of Western District, Poso district, Central Sulawesi Province. Data was collected from obsvervation of S.japonicum egg of human feces, cercaria of snails and schistosoma of rat. The result showed that the highest schistosomiasis prevalence in Lelio 8.2%. Tomehipi 6.8% and Kageroa 3.9%. Infection rate of O.h.lindoensis snails was 0%, 1% and 0% the prevalence of schistosomiasis in rat in all villages 0%.


Schistosomiasis; S.japonicum; Oncomelania hupensis lindoensis


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