Kurnia Agustini, Sriningsih Sriningsih, Julham Effe


Fenugreek seed or bijiklabet (Trigonellafoenum-graecum L.) was known to have activity against degenerative diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia and postmenopausal symptoms.  This study was conducted to investigate the safety of ethanolic extract of fenugreek on white rat, by determining Lethal Concentration 50 value (LC50).  This in-vivo assay referred to the WHO protocols for the toxicity assay of natural medicines. We used Spraquedawley white rats, female and male, 6 weeks of age, which divided into a normal group and fivetreatment groups (1g/kgBW, 4g/kgBW, 8g/kgBW, 12g/kgBW, 16g/kgBW). Test sample was given once orally then the animal were monitored for two weeks.  Observation of toxic effect includedphysical symptom of central nerve system, autonom nerve system and digestive system.  Alldeathanimal were counted and LC50 were calculated.  Result showed that there was no toxic effect and no death animal until 16g/kgBW dose of treatment.  We concluded that ethanolic extract of Fenugreek is practically non toxic.



Fenugreek seeds, Trigonellafoenum-graecum L., acute toxicity



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