Bambang Srijanto, Purwatiningsih Purwatiningsih


Green tea is one of tea that has been consumed by people for health care. Re­search have been undertaken related to polyphenol compound extracted from green tea mainly for its used aspect. This research was conducted to optimize the polyphenol extraction process of green tea. The extraction was carried out by using free mineral water solution at 800C. Extraction optimation used response surface methodology (RSM). Box-Behnken design was choosen as an experimental design with three factors and three levels. Independent variable were granule size, solu­tion-raw material ratio and extraction time. Dependent variable was extracted polyphenol concentration; it was determined by Follin Ciocalteau reagent and galat acid as a standard and measured with spectrophotometer at 725 nm. The result showed that granule size, solution-raw material ratio and extraction time affected extracted polyphenol concentration. Extraction with 18,  40 and 60 mesh raw material resulted the maximum extracted polyphenol concentration 20.5%, 19.6%, and 22.25% respectively. Those percentage were obtained on the range of solu­tion-raw material ratio and extra tion time 12-15.5 v/w and 22-30 minutes, 13.5-14.5 v/w and 17-25 minutes, 12.75-16 v/w and 12-20 minutes consecutively. Polyphenol extraction process of green tea with batch method by using minimum raw material 18 mesh, solution-raw material ratio 12-15.54 v/w and extraction time range 22-30 minutes was suggested for practical and reliable result.


Key  word: green tea, extraction optimation, polyphenol, batch process

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