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    Sudikno Sudikno, Bona Simanungkalit, Siswanto Siswanto


    Background: Indonesian teenagers' knowledge on HIV and AIDS is still low.

    Objective: This study aimed to know the description of Indonesian teenagers' knowledge on HIV and AIDS.

    Methode: It was a descriptive study with cross sectional design. The population was all Basic Health Research samples who were teenage, aged 15-19 years. Inclusion criteria samples were all teenagers aged 15-19 years, unmarried and signing inform consent, while exclusion criteria ones were married teenagers aged 15-19 years. Basic Health Research data were used with RKD10.RT and RKD10.IND questionnaire details. Collected data included place identification and household member's details (area, age, sex, marital status, education, occupation, and economical status), HIV and AIDS knowledge and sex behavior. HIV and AIDS knowledge is a composite value of RKD10.IND.Block C02-C03 questions. HIV and AIDS knowledge is high if it is the same as or higher than the median and low if it is lower than the median.

    Result: The result showed that teenagers' HIV and AIDS knowledge was high (51.1 percent) and low (48.9 percent). The analysis also showed that HIV and AIDS knowledge in urban areas was tend to be better than in rural areas.

    Conclusion: HIV and AIDS knowledge was also better at teenagers with at least Junior high school education (58.6 percent).


    Keywords: knowledge, HIV and AIDS, teenagers

    Full Text: PDF


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