Analysis of First Level Health Care Facility (FKTP) Readiness as ‘Gatekeeper’ on The JKN Implementation in East Kalimantan and Central Java Year 2014

Wasis Budiarto, Oktarina Oktarina


Background: FKTP as a gatekeeperhas four function such us: the fi rst contact, sustainability, comprehensive healthcare and coordination. Readiness from input aspects on health care involves health care facilities, fi nance, humanresources, medicines and medical devices. This research is to identify the FKTP readiness as a gatekeeper in the inthe implementationof JKN in East Kalimantan and Central Java. Methods: Data collection wasby conducting interviews,observation and documents’ review. The data analysis techniques were descriptive statistics for quantitative and Miles,Huberman and Spradley concept qualitative. There were 6 health centers, 2 primary clinics, 6 doctors and 3 private dentistryclinics for each province. Results: The numbers of FKTP availability were 23.7 health centers and 3.2 primary clinics perdistrict/city. The average was 51.7 FKTP per district/city. Not all of primary clinics facilited by inpatient care. There were44% primary clinics facilitated by laboratory and 56% in collaboration with privatelaboratory. The highest ratio of numberof members by the population was Surakarta i. e. 1 member by 1.98 population. While, the lowest was East Kutai with 1member by 4.65 population. All health centres had been implementing gatekeeper functions. Most of primary clinics had beendone the functions while less of them had not already implemented excellent service yet. Phycisians had implemented theirfunctions as the fi rst contact and coordination very well. Moreover, dentist did the same as the fi rst contact. Conclusion:Availability of health centers as FKTP was adequate. Health centers were also ready to function as a gatekeeper for JKNimplementation. Primary clinics were ready for the fi rst contact and coordination; and dentist as the fi rst contact were allready. Recomendation: The numbers of health facilities need to be build and improved according to district/city’s capability.Moreover, health workers’ distribution should be focussed to primary health care.


Gatekeeper; Health facilities readiness

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