The Effort of Poor District Gayo Lues to Increase the Coverage of Children Weighing with Less Ratio of Midwives

Erna Luciasari, Liestiana Indriyati


Background: Gayo Lues is a regency in Aceh Province having the second place of the lowest PHDI (Public Health Development Index) grade in Indonesia. Gayo Lues get low scores in almost all of PHDI absolute indicator, such as imunization coverage and child weighing. Gayo Lues have high percentage of poverty more than national average and the
low percentage of village midwife number, made Gayo Lues categorized as MUD (Mentoring of Underdeveloped District). The research goal to identify the change of inovation or new breakthrough to increase the IPKM grade. Method: Observation, foccus group discussion and structured interviews using questionnaire to midwife and housewife using posyandu (Maternal
and Child center) also indepth interview for directur and staf of health institutions. Result: The sweeping of child weighing is one of programme handling by midwife to increase the child weighing coverage, so in the end of 2012, the coverage have been going almost 100% until 100%. Conclusion: The result it can be concluded that The Goverment of Gayo Lues have been made some breakthrough for the increasing of IPHDI grade. Recommendation: Breakthrough and movements that teach people about the importance of monitoring the health of children by weighing needs to be improved, among others, could empower community leaders.


village midwife; under 5 years weighing coverage; Public Health Development Index (PHDI); Mentoring of Underdeveloped District (MUD)

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