Relationship Between Nutritional Status of Children Under Five with Parents Who Work

Noor Edi Widya Sukoco, Joko Pambudi, Maria Holly Herawati


Background: Indonesia is one of 117 countries which has three crucial nutritional problems in children under fives, such as stunting, wasting and overweight. This study is important because nutritional status of children under fi ve years old was closely related with economic factors. While economic conditions of families depend on the work of both parents.
Methods: The study design was cross sectional based on health research “Riskesdas 2007 and 2013”. Type of research was quantitative and qualitative methods. Samples consisted of children under fi ves years old of whom their parents were still alive and have completed the information for the questionnaires. The informants of the qualitative research came from caregivers, district nutrition offi cer, sub-district nutrition offi cer, district labor offi ce, and parliament at district. Quantitative data was processed and analyzed by SPSS version 15 under the licensed of NIHRD MOH RI. While primary data was explored by indepth interview and analyzed using content analyses. Result: There was no relationship between parents who were both working with the nutritional status of children under fi ves based on indicators: weight/age p= 0,77 (2007), p = 0,92 (2013); height/age p = 0,58 (2007), p = 0,71 (2013); weight/height p = 0,77 (2007), p =,33 (2013). These qualitative results were confi rmed by informants’ opinions that the nutritional status of children under fi ves years were not differ between those whose parents are working and not working. Conclusion: The analysis whether quantitative or qualitative found there was no signifi cant relationship between the nutritional status of children under fi ves to those both of the parents working. Recommendation: Nutritional problems should be solved inter-sectoraly, it does not guarantee that only the economic capacity to bring about positive impacts the nutritional status of children under five.


children under fives; working parents; nutritional status

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Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan (Bulletin of Health System Research, ISSN 1410-2935. e-ISSN 2354-8738) published by Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan, Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia

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