Assessment Study of Motivation and Commitment Midwives Puskesmas in Utilization MCH Handbook in Indonesia (A case study in Batu, Cianjur and East Belitung Regency)

Suharmiati Suharmiati, Lestari Handayani, Rukmini Rukmini, Diyan E Effendi, Arief P Nugroho


Background: Utilization of KIA guidebook in health centers not maximum eventhough there are enough books published Ministry of Health as a reference and has given training especially to midwives. This study aims to assess the motivation and commitment of midwives in the use of the KIA guidebook in Indonesia. Methods: The study was conducted in three districts and four health centers purposively determined from each district, each consisting of 2 health centers PONED and Non PONED. In each health center will be taken up to 10 midwives in both MCH services in health centers or its networks proportionally selected that have been works at least 2 years in a health center or its network. If the number of midwives
<10 person, it will be taken entirely. Data collected through interviews using a questionnaire and a check list. Results: The number of samples were 113 midwives consisted of Kota Batu (35), East Belitung(37 people) and Cianjur Regency as many as 41 person. Motivation midwifes in Batu and Cianjur district in the utilization of MCH guidebook were quite well, whereas in East Belitung province was well motivation. Commitment midwives in three districts/cities mostly had good commitment. Conclusion: This study concluded that the motivation and commitment of midwives in applying the guidebook were considered quite good. Recommendation: Need to improve supervision, technical guidance and providing feedback to increase the motivation of midwives. Giving a clear assignment and guidance as well as the availability of SOP composed
of guidebook need to be realized as a shared commitment to implement the appropriate service guidebook.


motivation; commitment; midwives; KIA Guidebook

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