Knowledge, Attitude And Practice of Mother with Children Under Five Years on The Use of Virgin Coconut Oil’s Residue to Local Foods to Increase Child’s Nutritional in Buton

Murlan Murlan, Ruwiah Ruwiah, Santi Suardi, Weny Lestari, Niniek Lely Pratiwi


Backgroud: Buton District was had the highest case on children under fi ve years’ malnutritions in South East Sulawesi Province. Butonesse have culture of making Virgin Coconut Oil which made from coconut untill now. Side product of VCO was a coconut residue (blondo) which has not been used by the community. Blondo VCO contains a lot of protein clumps of coconut which is similar to the formula that can be used for food additives, especially in children because it is easily to absorb. The aim of this study was to determine increasing of knowledge, changing behavior and attitudes on mothers of children under fi ve years about the use of blondo VCO for additional nutritional improvement of local food. Methods: this study used intervention on nutritions’ knowledge based on the use of lokal ingredient. Training and practice about children’s local food processing with blondo VCO were held. Results: The results showed that there was an improvement in knowledge, attitude and practice of mothers after they had been given the intervention with counseling and training of local food with blondo VCO ingredients. There were variations of local food made by mothers more than before. Conclusions: It showed that the presence of counseling and training on the use of blondo VCO can increase knowledge, attitudes and behavior towards mothers who have children under fi ve. Recomendation: Suggestions of this study was processed of blondo VCO could be used as ingredient of local food with high nutritional value for society in general and for children in particular.


Knowledge; Attitude; Behavior; Blondo VCO; Children Under Five Year’s Nutrition

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Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan (Bulletin of Health System Research, ISSN 1410-2935. e-ISSN 2354-8738) published by Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan, Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia

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