Lestari Handayani, N. A. Ma'ruf


Background: Many health problems emerged during the decentralization era that was marked by the low performance of Health Centre (PHC). This PHC’s performance is closely intertwined with health manpower. The objective of this study is to identify the role of health manpower in PHC’s. Methods: The study was done in 3 provinces (4 regencies) i.e. East Java (Jombang and Bojonegoro regencies), West Java (Cianjur regency) and East Nusa Tenggara (Sikka regency). By purposive sampling method, 2 PHCs were taken from each regency thus 8 PHCs representing 4 regencies. Results: The result showed that number of health manpower in the PHC were between 21–51 persons, but only 6 PHCs has definite medical doctors. The majority of the health manpower in 8 HCs were midwives and nurses while pharmacist’s assistant, laboratory personnel and nutritionist were lacking. This study identify that health manpower main tasks, functions and additional jobs were fitting with their education and skill but PHC facilities were unbefitting to support their work. Most of PHC health manpower were satisfy with their role rendering health services. According to PHC health manpower the factor to improve individual performance was strenghtening education and skill and the factor to improve PHC’s performance was planning based on demand. This study suggested PHCs and Regency Health Offices has to change their paradigm from conventional career system into protean career pertaining to health manpower. This study is a lesson-learned due to the importance of PHC’s role as the technical implementing unit of health services.


Key words: health manpower, health services, public health centers

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