Tri Juni Angkasawati, Andryansyah Arifin, Andryansyah Arifin


Background: Prevalence HIV/AIDS among housewife has been increasing which was notice by higher cases of HIVpositive babies. An effective intervention effort in the health sector is to accelerate the decreasing of Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) through integrated approach of reproductive health care and STD HIV/AIDS. One of reproductive health services was to prevention and treatment of STD-HIV/AIDS. When this program was integrated with antenatal care it will prevents transmission of HIV from mother to child. The program called Prevention Mother To Child Transmission or PMTCT. Recently in Indonesia program antenatal care has not yet optimally integrated with STD-HIV/AIDS service. The objectiive of this study was to know how far preparedness of health center personnel in prevention transmission of STD, HIV/AIDS integrated with antenatal care. Methods: This study was exploration research. Respondents of this study were personals of public health center that have task related to antenal care and prevention program of STD, HIV/AIDS. Locations of study were Surabaya Malang Blitar Tulungagung, Semarang, Surakarta, Denpasar and Batam. Dara collection was done by interviewed and Focus Group Discussion. Results: The result of the study revealed the unprepared-ness of PHC personnel in term of knowledge about reproductive health and skill in universal precaution practice in integrated program of prevention STD, HIV/AIDS and antenatal care. Lack of facilities and its supporting system including the laboratory equipment and reagents also make activities of this integrated program being obstacle. Health service program still conducted fragmented because there was no standard operational procedure (SOP) of integrated program of STD, HIV/AIDS prevention and antenatal care. It was suggested to conduct a comprehensive program of reproductive health by increasing health personnel knowledge and skill with training; arrange SOP of integrated program of STD, HIV/AIDS prevention and antenatal care. It also needs to complete the facility with laboratory equipment i.e. rapid test and drugs to support this integrated program.


Key words: preparedness, STD (sexual transmitted disease), HIV/AIDS, antenatal care

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