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At the year of 2006, The National of Health Research and Development (NJHRD) conducted medicines prices survey in order to evaluate the root problems about the access to essential medicines in Indonesia. Several underlying factors which influence this access i.e. the prices, the availabitily and the adequacy of medicines. The method of the survey followed WHO/HAl methodology which is modified to be suited with Indonesia situation. The study was cross-sectional in four regions in Indonesia: a capital region (DKI Jakarta), Western part of Indonesia (Riau), Central part of Indonesia (South Kalimantan) and eastern part of Indonesia (Papua). The collected samples are 10 generic names of medicines. Survey was conducted in public and private health care services, urban and rural areas. The results show that there were wide prices differences between branded and generic medicines. Variation of medicines prices between public, private, sectors and regions. The purchasing prices in health offices and primary health cares are slightly higher than in hospitals and pharmacies. The availability of generic and branded medicines in private sectors is almost the same. The adequacy of essential medicines is better in the eastern region than other regions. The study recommends: a. The government should increase the consumption of generic medicines and provide incentive for physicians and retailers that active for generic services. b. Increasing the efficiency of drug procurement system in public sectors. c. Improving the commitment of regional government on health sectors. d. Regulating the margin prices for retail medicines prices.


Key words: access, medicines, prices, availability, adequacy

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