Suci Wulansari, M. Setyo Pramono, Hidayad Heny S., SK Poerwani


Health promotion has became one of main programs in Indonesian health development. It was related with health vision which must be priority promote and preventive services without neglected curative and rehabilitative services. Health promotion was one of duty services by Public Health Centre (PHC). To increase health promotion servces, the government has established national health promotion policy and guidance of health promotion in district. The study aimed to determinethe implementation of health promotion in PHC, include description of Health promotion resources. and priority activities of this program in District Health Office and PHC. It was a non intervention study, with cross sectional desrgn, at Ngawi and Madiun, include four PHC. Data were collected by depth interview from the head of health promotion program in District Health Office, Head of PHC, and health promotion programmer in PHC. The research showed that it was needed improvement of quantity and quality of health promotion resources, include human resource and equipments. The decisionof priority activities in PHC at Ngawi was finite because limited budget and too much incidental activities. In Madiun, all of health promotion activities have been planned and coordinated by District Health Office, and supported with policy that health promotion was a priority program, so it got the highest budget. Almost all of activities was supported environment, and it must be evaluated if it had been developed public empowerment or not. Advocacy strategy must be increased to district government, and so partnership with Non government Organization, public organization, business, and public figure, so that commitment would built and supported by district rule.


Key words: health promotion, health promotion policy, Public Health Centre (PHC)

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