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The antenatal care coverage for first visit was 92.72%. It meant that almost all pregnant mothers had ever contacted with health services. But the four time visits of pregnant mothers to health facilities reported only 75.6% and pregnant mothers who got standar antenatal care services was even lower just about 60,0%. The national target for 80.0% of deliveries by the health personals in year 2000 was only reached by Bali Province. For other provinces, particularly at rural areas in Java Provinces, the coverage of delivery was only 44.6%.

The objectives of this study were to measure pregnant mothers' knowledge and perseption regarding pregnancy  and delivery cares, A cross sectional study was conducted at 20 health centers located in Jember and Kedin Dtstricts of East Java Province, in Semarang and Demak Districts of Central Java Province and in Lombok Tengah District of West Nusa Tenggara year 2003. There were 159 pregnant mothers randomly selected and the variable to be studied are collected by interviewed the pregnant mothers and observation during antenatal care delivery services.

Results indicated that mothers' knowledge about pregnancy and delivery cares were very low. During antenatal care, pregnant mothers mentioned that they got very little information from midwives about pregnancy care and the importance of deliveries by healthy personals. Factors considered for choosing TBA for helping delivery were not only economtc factor but the TBA's nearness and provided that they more complete services than midwives. It is recommended that mtdwives have to improve their interpersonal communication skills and to provide better quality services to pregnant mothers.


Keywords: perception, antenatal care, deliveries by health personals

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