Evie Sopacua, Didik Budijanto, Cholis Bachroen


An assessment was done by Budijanto, etc (2002) about the leadership, entrepreneurship and managerial ability of district health human resources.  Result of this assessment was used to developed a draft module to increase the health human resources ability in entrepreneurship mainly. The module 'Health Development Through Entrepreneurship, a Guide for Marketing Strategy in Health Services in Hospital and Health Center".

Implementation of the module was done in the District of Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan Province, District of East Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat Province and District of Magetan, East Java Province. Respondent in this study were health human resources from General Hospital, Health Center and District Health Office who participated in the implementation process. Implementation was done in three days through learning the contents of the module, filling workpapers as a reflection of understanding the contents of the module and discussion. Evaluation of the implementation process was done using level I of Kirkpatrick's evaluation to get the reaction of the respondents about the conformity of the module's contents and the learning process. The indicators of advantages of implementation process is > 60% respondents will react that the module's contents is relevan with their everydays work and teaming process was also accomodate. Using  scores, indicates that < 2 means less, 2-3 means sufficient and > 3 means good in reacting that the module's contents is relevan with their everyday & work and learning process.

The result showed that more than 60% respondents in the District of Kutai Karlanegara (n = 22). District of East Lombok (n = 25) and District of Magetan (n = 22) valueing that the contents of module is relevan with the institutional programs. More than 60% responden in those three district valued that the learning process was sufficient and good.

Implementation the module through learning process can be done with using level I Kirkpatrick's evaluation to valued the process. Learning process should be continued with coaching in implementation the contents of module in everydays work in Health Center or in the Hospital wich are also a method to value the advantage of the implementation process.

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