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Surabaya as the Indonesian second big city was faced by '§exual Industrial problems". One of the problems was transmission of the sexual transmitted diseases (STDs). The problem was needed special attention due to the complexity and many aspects of sexual industry that should be coped. Limitation of information regarding the exact number of the commercial sexual workers (CSWs) and highly mobility were some of the obstacles in managing the problem.

Some intervention program had been launched such as "safe sex" by using condom and mass campaign on STDs treatment. Eventhough still around 50% of CSWs had been suffered from STDs. The high prevalence of STDs among CSWs and unsafe sex while CSWs provide services to the customers will be a high risk in transmission of STDs to the clients.

The objective of the study was to explore sexual behavior of CSWs during their professional activities and the risk of transmission of STDs. The study was an explorative study, which a systematic random sample was applied inselecting sample. From nearly 1.900 CSWs in Dolly and Jarak, Surabaya were selected a sample of 230 subjects. The interviewed using questionnaire was applied in data collection. The interviewers were the members of non-governmental organization which was interested in solving "the sexual industrial problems".

The result showed that CSWs in Dolly and Jarak, Surabaya were migrant. Most of them were relatively young (under 30 years of age) and relatively low educational level. The first experienced of CSWs in sexual intercourse mostly with their husbands when they were under 20 years old. The risk of transmission of STDs from CSWs to their clients was high due to high prevalence of STDs among CSWs and only limited number of clients used condom during their sexual activities.

Key words: Commercial sexual workers, Sexual behavior, Transmission risk of sexual transmitted diseases

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