Paiman Soeparmanto, Soemartono Soemartono, Suhardono Suhardono


Due the health decentralization's management, the district government hould be able is hopped to arangge and to develope the health system that fit to the local condition. The main issues of the health development in the decentralization's management, is the district government can implement to mobilize the potential source in the work's area to be participate in the health development, and the final result is hopped community improvement to solve the their health problem. To solve this problem, explorative study on community impoverment and partnership had been conducted which explored the fact in the field of study.

The result showed that:

1. The "District Health Committe" development, which was written in the documentation of Health Desentralization Strategy, formally hasn't formed yet in East and West Lombok District.

2. The embrio of District Health Commitee has been developed in East Lombok District, namely the "Healty Coalitation of East Lombok" which it's the members consists of the association of Community Self Institution (LSM) in district level.

3. "Healthy Area Forum" which has task to develop health area has been established in West Lombok District but it still has boundary in sub-district. It was running well since its has cooperated between the community leader, district government, private enterprise, and NGO in the local area.

4. Unfortenetly, the partnership prinsciples has not been implemented to run the cooperation betwen community organization and Health District.

To assure the continuing of activities, the study suggested to develop a guidence to facilitate the establisment of District Health Committe. It will lead planning construction, action, supervision, accountability monitoring of district health system development.


Key words: Community empowerment; Partnership; Desentralization.

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