Sukmayati Alegantina, Ani Isnawati, Mariana Raini


The need of drinking water keeps rising while the society difficult to get it the best quality. The societywith middle economical consume a lot of drinking water are sold by drinking water refill store cause theprice cheaper than the drinking water in a package. Has not present a tight supervition from the authority side makes the water from the water drinking refill store is still asking about the quality, inaccordance with the condition that come out by Minister of Health No. 907/Menkes/SK/VII/2002 on 29 July 2002. Therefore, the research of model development in filtration and disinfection process that influence to the drinking water refill quality is done. Using four models of drinking water cultivation process. The standart water that was used was taken from the tear in Sukabumi. Because of that water doesn't consist any mikroorganisms, therefore 2400 MPN of Escheria coli and 2400 MPN of Coliform were added. The series of water cultivation process models are consist of filters and disinfectans. The filter are silica sand filter, carbon filter and micro filter 1 µm, 5 µm and 10 µm, whereas the disinfectans are uv and ozon. In cultivation process of the standard water becomes the drinking water was done in three variations of water flowrates, there are 1 litre/minute, 2 litre/minute and 4 litre/minute. The physical and chemical test were done after passed the filtration process, whereas the microbiologycal test was done after passed uv and ozon. Generally, the microbiological result of drinking water cultivation process have completed condition, only 1 (20%) of 5 sampels which was consist Escheriacoli and Coliform 2 MPN of after passed through the with 4 litre/minute of flowrate, where as the one which passed through the ozon with 4 litre/minute of flowrate was 1 (20%) from 5 samples that consistsof 5 MPN of Eschericheria coli and Coliform. According to standard water can be picked a cultivation process with silica sand filter, carbon filter and microfilter with 10 µm of size , 5 µm,and 1 µm and also process using disinfectan uv with 2 litre/minute of flowrate.

Keyword: Filtration, disinfection

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