Lestari Handayani, Suharmiati Suharmiati, Suharti Sukirno


The research on Madura traditional medicine (Jamu Madura) especially woman reproductive remedies was carried out to find out the quality of the 'jamu". Fourteen "jamu" were collected from fourteen industries located in Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan and Sumenep regencies. Eight powder preparations were examined concerning with organoleptic, water content and microbiological contamination Six pill preparations (dry and wet) were examined for organoleptic, soluble time and microbiologic test.

The result showed that all samples fulfilled the water content, soluble time and microbiological test with the exception of three pills. Two out of three pill remedies were contaminated by patological bacteries. A remedy was found that the total plate count bacterial number was bigger than standard. Those conditions might be caused by incorrect procedure or unhygienic production, inadequate packaging or storing.

This study recommended the Ministry of Health to supervise and control the traditional medicine industri more frequent than before. To improve the knowledge and skill of traditional medicine industry personnel, training on production process and quality control should be conducted. These efforts might improve the quality of traditional medicine industry products in order to protect the consumers from side effect of the remedies.


Keywords: Traditional medicine - Jamu Madura -quality

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