Exclusive breastfeeding but not selected contraceptives use delayed resumption of menstruation

Suparmi Suparmi, Dwi Hapsari Tjandrarini, Milla Herdayanti

Exclusive breastfeeding but not selected contraceptives use delayed resumption of menstruation


Background: Exclusive breastfeeding can delay the resumption of postpartum menstruation; this is a natural contraceptive method. However, mothers still used another family planning method to ensure contraceptive continuity. This study aimed to identify the association exclusive breastfeeding duration on the resumption of menstruation.

Methods: We analyzed a part of data from Indonesian Demographic and Health Survey (IDHS) 2007. The sub-sample included in the analysis was women whose last birth of children 6 months or less. The Cox regression model and sample weighting factors was used for analysis.

Results: Out of 2072 women, 55.3% women still amenorrhea and 32% exclusive breastfeed their babies. Among exclusive breastfeeding mothers, 29.5% used another contraception method. Compared with mother who did not practice exclusive breastfeeding, mothers who practiced it for 5 months had 45% lower risk to be resumption of menstruation [adjusted relative risk (RRa) = 0.55; 95% CI = 0.34-0.92]. The reducing resumption of menstruation was increased for 57% among those who exclusive breastfed for 6 months. On the other side, current certain contraceptive use was increase the risk of menstruation.

Conclusion: Exclusive breastfeeding for 5 months and not selected contraception methods reduce the risk of resumption of menstruation among women. Health providers and community should be more informed that not to use combined oral contraceptive which contain estrogen in the first six months postpartum. (Health Science Indones 2010; 1: 3 - 7)

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