Johana E. Prawitasari


Old age can be considered as the last phase of development in the life of men.

Although most Indonesians have to retire at 55 years, it is more appropriate to consider the age group 65 and over as the old age group. This last phase of human development is a result of the success of earlier development. If the tasks of earlier developments was succesfully undertaken, the individual will be able to adapt to the changes which have to faced in old age.

As the present and the near future the position of old age people in Indonesia will still be a respectable one. Homes for old people will be required for the low socio-economic groups. It is necessary that old persons maintain activities to be healthy and happy. To face old age it is necessary to make adequate preparations. Good mental and physical health is very important. Those who do not have good health and are suffering from terminal diseases may need hospices. Hospices can be developed as places where old people and their families can learn to face death and dyling.

In Yogyakarta where life expectancy has already reached 70 years for women and 68 years for men, "posyandu" or integrated health posts for old people have been developed. The "posyandu" for old people must also be developed in other areas of Indonesia, where old age have become a problem.


Old Age; Psychologic Aspect

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