Sudibyo Supardi, Umi Kadarwati, S. R. Muktiningsih


One method to enhance equal distribution accessibility to medicines is the Programme on Generic Drugs. The so called "generic drugs" are made by producers of drugs according to stipulations in Methods to Produce Good Drugs, which are given a special trade mark or logo, called O.G.B (Obat Generik Berlogo). In its effort to promote the Programme on OGB a ministerial decree no.085/Menkes/Per/I/1989 has been enacted, which among others obliged dispensaries to provide them. After having been in force for 3 years, how is the participation of private dispensaries in providing OGB ?

To gain information on factors relating to the behaviour of the responsibility to obtain and provide drugs (PPO) in dispensaries and its problems, a study has been conducted, descriptive and analytical, on 110 dispensaries in 6 Regions. Data collecting was done through interviews with PPOs guided by questionnaires and prescriptions photocopies of all dispensaries during the last 6 days prior to the study. Data analysis to know the related significance, uses the Chi-square Test.

As a result of the study and analysis, the conclusions were:

  1. Of the PPOs, 66,4% were graduated pharmacists or assistant pharmacists, over 3 years in occupation.
  2. A positive correlation exist statistically between the educated PPO and his/her knowledge on OGB.
  3. Among dispensaries, 57,3% are OGB undersupplied, that is having lesser than half the amount of OGB items already produced.
  4. Supply of OGB items in dispensaries is to support society, since accessibility of its prices and fulfil government's regulations.
  5. Problems of OGB in dispensaries are: competitions between producers of OGB, unavailability of certain items, and the demand is low.


Generic Drugs; OGB; Obat Generik

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